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I Have Three Loves_Introduction_Khai Phi Hanh Nguyen

English version
Reviewed by Matthew Smith

Literature collects stories in real life,
Human love and mine,
To speak for human heart
That cannot say out its wonderful traits.


I have three loves.

My first love was for my wife when she was seventeen and I was eighteen; but we never got the opportunity to consummate our marriage.

My second love was for my ex-wife who left me when I was in a Communist Concentration Camp in Vietnam.

And my third love is for my current wife.

These three loves come alive on the birthday of my wife, our daughter, my daughter with my ex-wife, and my wife’s daughter with her ex-husband.

I intended to name this novel Destiny. But that word seemed outdated and did not accurately reflect my story. I remembered a French song entitled J’ai Deux Amours (I Have Two Loves) and I changed Destiny to I Have Three Loves thinking that would be more appropriate.

(Edited by Matthew Smith)

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